Twitty Custom Knives
Note:         Knives are made with ATS-34 and tempered to Rockwell hardness of 61
All Twitty knives are dated and serial numbered.
Blade Thickness is generally determined by the purpose of the design
Knives all come with a lock in liner style sheath
Land o'Free Hand

Old style custom knives

Looking for a Morseth style knife including the original style sheath. Well you have found it.
  • I worked with Steve Morseth
  • From 1982 until he past away in 1995
  • Questions Call 509-697-8311 or email
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Update: 11-25-09 due to an injury I will not be able to make knives for an indefinite
amount of time.

I do have some stock on hand.

3-26-10 they have taken the screw out of my wrist. On to the next step therapy.